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Semi-Permanent Eyebrows

Tired of drawing on your eyebrows everyday?

Throw away your eyebrow pencils and have perfectly shaped eyebrows so you can go swimming, wear a hat, go to the gym or just sit and be you without having to worry about your eyebrows rubbing off ever again.

This treatment will redesign with cosmetic pencils so you can visualise the shape.

Then when you're happy, the semi-permanent colour will applied by tattooing one hair stroke at a time with the Feathering Technique to build both long and short strokes giving a natural growth pattern appearance.  We do not use stencils but rather create a tailored and custom shape that will be unique and natural you.

Note: it is not necessary to remove the eyebrow hairs you currently have.

£275  for 2 appointments

I can


I will.

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028 9042 4999

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