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Image Skincare Peel
Signature Face Lift 

Vitamin C and fruit enzymes blended in an organic aloe vera base visibly reduce redness and brighten the skin while hyaluronic acid provides superior hydration. Skin type indications: Redness-prone, dry/dehydrated, smoker’s skin, tired/ dull, post-microdermabrasion, oily/acne

£80 free take home kit with each facial

Offer valid through 31-March-2024

Bliss 1

Aromatherapy Back Neck and Shoulder Massage followed by Yonka Beauty Escale Facial, pure Bliss.

 £75(save £10)

Offer valid through 31-March-2024

Freezpen Cryo Therapy

 £ 75(save£25)

Cryo Therapy that offers a quick and incredibly effective treatment that removes unwanted skin lesions and erases skin defects safely, precisely and comfortably. Perfect solution for unwanted benign skin tags, moles (with doctors approval) pigmentation and much more.

  1. Lesion   £50

  2. Lesions £75

  3. Lesions £100


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