NEW Caci Synergy Advnaced Non Surgical Facial 

Combines CACI Signature Non-Surgical Facial Toning with advanced skin exfoliation techniques to revitalise your skin, resulting in a brighter and smother complexion. A combination of advanced technologies are used to plump fine lines and wrinkles, instantly lift and tone your face and firm your neck.


Offer valid through 31-May-2021

NEW Caci Hand Rejuvenation

This advanced anti-aging treatment will leave your clients' hands feeling silky smooth and looking visibly younger!

 £40(save £)

Offer valid through 31-May-2021

Freezpen Cryo Therapy

 £ 75(save£25)

Offer valid through 31-May-2021

Cryo Therapy that offers a quick and incredibly effective treatment that removes unwanted skin lesions and erases skin defects safely, precisely and comfortably. Perfect solution for unwanted benign skin tags, moles (with doctors approval) pigmentation and much more.

  1. Lesion   £50

  2. Lesions £75

  3. Lesions £100



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