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With SENSITIVE CRÈME ANTI-ROUGEURS, skins prone to redness will find a treatment to instantly and sustainably ease the signs of discomfort (tightness, burn sensation) and to reduce the appearance of localised redness.
Its duo of centella asiatica and mirabilis jalapa – aka « marvel of Peru » - targets redness both occasional or pemanent, diffused or localised . Combined with the hydrating benefits of vegetal glycerin and the repairing action of bisabolol they improve significantly the appearance of the skin. Natural green pigments bring color to this cream, which "CC" corrective effect helps to brighten and even the complexion.
Alcohol-free and without perfume or essential oils, SENSITIVE CRÈME ANTI-ROUGEURS is well suited for sensitive skins searching for soft and comforting care.

Sensitive Creme Anti-Redness - Sensitive/ Redness

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