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Soft and velvety, issued from years of research, this unique Yon-Ka "smart serum" focuses on the skin's youthful appearance.
The innovative "CELL-ENERGY" complex, with 7 patents, relies on 5 principles of the skin functions** :
- Boost the proteins responsible longevity (sirtuine 1, survivine),
- Act upon the energy resources for an oxygenated complexion,
- Reestablish a sound communication betsween the cells to help regain tone and firmness,
- Strenghten the defense mechanisms that fight aggressions,
- Help promote oxygenation and bring back skin radiance.


This compound is completed with essential oils. Their hints of citruses, enhanced with woody scents, turn the application of CELLULAR CODE SERUM into a true sensorial experience.

Cellular Code Serum - Age Exception

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